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Victory @ Sea and Magic Moments

January 22nd, 2013

Storm surf has prevailed for the most part lately, with a few magic moments in between the mess. There have been several big days ranging in the 12-15 foot range and a couple of them offered some 18 foot sets, maybe bigger. Pipe has been pretty unruly, with the mix of swells, but it cleaned up late this afternoon and had some nice second reef tubes. With the mix of swell, we have also had a mix of crowds. There is a Jrs event which will probably kick off at Sunset tomorrow, the Volcom Pro which starts on January 27th and the Bodyboarding contest which runs sometime in the middle of next month. I think there may even be a SUP event somewhere in the schedule. Crazy!

The traffic is out of control this year. Every holiday is a madhouse on the Northshore forcing most residents to hide in their houses most of the day.

Check out for new surf cams and progress on Mike Prickets recovery.

Tomorrow January 23rd, surfers and NFL football players will team up with Mauli Ola Foundation to fight cystic fibrosis. They will play a celebrity game of golf which starts around noon and the benefit proceeds at The Surfer Bar at 8pm. For more details check out

As I noted in my last post, local surfer Dwayne Scharsh recently passed away. On Saturday January 26th, there will be a paddle out for him at Ala Moana Bowls from 2-3 pm. We will paddle out from magic Island. Please come and show the aloha!

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