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A week of windswell

June 29th, 2012

The surf was reduced to wind wrap for most of the island this past week. Although the lack of size and poor conditions were a bit of a bummer, it provided at least riddle surf at virtually all sides of the island which is not such a bad thing for summer. It is usually around this time of year that the surf starts to subside everywhere, but who knows with such strange weather patterns. So far, we have had better surf on the Northshore than the south shore this season. In the country, we had back to back swells up to 4 into mid June and then another 1-3 foot swell on Monday June 25th. Similar to last summer, the weather is quite cool for Hawai‘i in June. Last week, I was so cold one morning, I thought maybe I was getting sick, but another guy paddled out and immediately commented on the temperature, stating that he thought the water was cold. Surfline is predicting an average summer with a suggested rating of 5 out of 10. They are saying ENSO or La Nina will prevail through August with a "weak El Nino" predicted for fall which should make for a more favorable pattern of late summer swells and early winter surf. It seems La Nina or La Nada as my friend calls it has lasted a couple years now so we are certainly due for better surf patterns sometime soon.

Fuel TV is hosting a new TV series called Clean Break which will includes some of our local heroes. Tamayo Perry, Bret Marumoto, Buzzy Kerbox, Bear Woznick, Dave Kalama, Archie Kalepa, and Kimi Werner are part of a crew who assist some guys from the mainland to break-free from their daily routines and embrace their adventure seeking side. The show is sponsored by Schick and you can watch it on Fuel TV Wednesday nights at 8pm or view it online at

The Mauli Ola Foundation will kick off the 5th annual Surfers for Cystic Fibrosis Golf Tournament on July 30 at Pelican Hill Golf Club in Newport Beach, Calif. Community Outreach Director Kalani Robb will host the event which includes notables such as Kala Alexander, Sunny Garcia, and Hans Hagen.

You might want to check out Sea Life's new underwater cameras. I have not tried the camera myself, but thought they looked interesting for some summer fun in the surf. I have to admit the pink color of the camera is ultimately what caught my attention.

Looks like next week will be fun on the South shore!
See you in the surf!

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