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A Pipe day for the Freesurfers!

February 13th, 2012

After the Volcom Pipe Pro, we had one big storm swell that provided two days of really disorganized Pipe. It was not much of a problem for the onslaught of boogie boarders that are here for the Pipe challenge which starts in 2 days. There has been a stand up surf event running at Sunset which finished today in pretty epic 10-12 foot surf. Pipe started out in the 6-10 ft range this morning, but grew to 10-12 by midday. Today was one of very few second reef days all year that was open to free surfing instead of a contest. It was not epic, but there were some great rides. Good thing too since the boogies start their Pipe challenge on the 15th running to the 24th and Banzai Betty's Women's contest kicks off just four days later on March 1st. Her contest will span three days this year to include a Jr Mens event. If you are thinking two events back to back with just a five day gap seems a bit tight, stay tuned, I plan to discuss the problem of the contest situation on the Northshore in a later post which I hope people will participate in and share their views. I appreciate all of your comments. Actually, I did not realize I had comments since they moved them to another place on the blog, but it is really encouraging when people let me know they read and enjoy my posts! I am really looking forward to doing some new and interesting posts in the future that will help document surf culture in Hawai‘i so stay tuned!

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